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$18K In Scholarships Awarded, Teacher Honored By Arlington Rotary Club: Featured on Patch 
The Arlington Rotary Club awarded college scholarships totaling $18,000 to two students and honored its Key School "Educator of the Year."
“We made sure that need and impact were a major component in the selection process,” Weaver said in a statement. “I passionately believe that higher education should be the standard for all students, not just those with financial means. ”To
ny Weaver


Arlington County Board Candidate Tony Weaver Proposes Innovative Solutions to Combat Arlington County’s Record-High Office Vacancy Rate: Featured on BlueVirginia

“The County has already been forced to eliminate open positions in government,” says Weaver. “Unless we come up with creative, effective solutions soon, there is a real risk the County will need to start cutting back on vital services.”

Co. Board candidate tapped for state leadership-training effort: Featured on gazetteleader
Tony Weaver will participate in Sorensen Institute's Political Leaders Program
“This program will help me gain perspective and empathy for people with different viewpoints from my own,” Said  Weaver

Rotary Club lauds educator of year, gives  scholarships:  Featured on INSIDE NOVA

“Our partnership with Escuela Key is a perfect fit with Rotary International’s commitment to education and other civic causes, both locally in Arlington and globally,” Weaver said. “Our annual scholarships also are part of that commitment.”

Where Arlington County Board Candidates Stand On The Issues:  Featured on DCIST

"The “Missing Middle” Policy debate has had an incredibly divisive impact on the Arlington community. I feel that a few actors on both sides of the issue have pushed to characterize all positions as either “for” or “against” “Missing Middle”. This rhetorical tactic forces folks, with more nuanced views into one of two sides, entrenching positions, and forcing a combative intellectual environment. As a leader in my business and through community service work as president of the Arlington Rotary Club, I strive to do the opposite. When I see this combative posturing happening, I work to find overlaps in values from both sides, so as to make it easier for both sides to work together (ideally eliminating the concept of “sides” altogether). I would employ this “Getting to Yes” framework in resolving this and other contentious issues facing the County Board."

Tony For

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