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Mar. 3, 2023 

Arlington County Board Candidate Tony Weaver Accepted to Sorensen Political Leaders Program 

Arlington, Virginia - Tony Weaver, a candidate for the Arlington County Board, has been accepted to the Sorensen Institutes Political Leaders Program. This highly competitive program is designed to identify and develop political leaders in Virginia. 

Mr. Weaver was selected for this program based on his commitment to public service and his leadership experience. The program offers intensive training in public policy, campaign management, and effective communication skills. The program consists of equal numbers of participants from the Democratic and Republican parties representing geographical areas across the state allowing participants to build relationships with those of differing views and perspectives. 

"I am honored to have been accepted to the Sorensen Institutes Political Leaders Program," said Mr. Weaver. "As a long-time community leader, I believe strongly in public service, and I am committed to doing everything I can to work with folks with a wide range of ideas and backgrounds to make a positive difference in Arlington County. This program will help me gain perspective and empathy for people with different viewpoints from my own." 

Mr. Weaver is a longtime resident of Arlington County and has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the community. He has a strong record of public service, having served on the board of several local non-profit organizations including the Arlington Rotary Club and the Committee of 100. He is running for Arlington County Board to advance our commitment to environmental sustainability, improve our public schools, and grow our economy. 

The Sorensen Institutes Political Leaders program is highly regarded throughout Virginia, and many program alumni have gone on to hold elected office at the state and local levels. Mr. Weaver's acceptance to the program is a testament to his leadership potential and his commitment to public service. 

For more information about Tony Weaver and his campaign for Arlington County Board, please visit his website at

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