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Smart missing middle & affordable housing


Ensuring that all Arlington County residents have access to affordable housing is a critical priority. In the next 10 years, it is projected that thousands of new affordable housing units will be needed to keep up with population growth and meet the housing needs of the County's most vulnerable residents. It is essential that we act now to bring these units online and ensure that everyone has a place to call home.

In addition to addressing the needs of low-income residents, we must also actively address the challenges faced by middle-income earners in finding housing. It is unacceptable that the teachers and firefighters we depend on as a community are unable to afford a home in Arlington. To address this issue, we must implement a "smart missing middle" strategy that incorporates increased high-density townhome developments along transit corridors, programs to increase inventory of duplexes and fourplexes, and feedback from the community to ensure that our approach is responsive to local needs. By expanding housing options for middle-income earners, we can help to keep housing costs affordable.

Overall, it is crucial that Arlington County firmly commit itself to keeping the cost of housing affordable for all residents. By bringing online new affordable rental housing and implementing a smart missing middle strategy, we can ensure that everyone has a place to call home and that our community is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Tony For

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