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About Tony Weaver

My name is Tony Weaver and I am running for Arlington County Board. I’ve been a community leader in Arlington County for the last eight years, driven by the conviction that everyone in our County should be ensured the opportunity to succeed, regardless of background. Through my volunteer work as president of the Arlington Rotary Club, I’ve gained a deep appreciation of the challenges many of our community members face -- including food insecurity, educational deficits, and insufficient access to healthcare and affordable housing. Yet this work has also given me valuable insights into potential solutions. And as a member of the Committee of 100's board of directors, I have helped create  a forum for discourse and collaboration on many of these ideas. I’ve also leveraged my educational background in business management to build a successful local company.


As a member of Arlington County’s Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, I’ve drawn on this experience to help advise the county board on budget and financial management. This diverse experience working with nonprofits, county government, and businesses in Arlington has given me a unique opportunity to help develop effective policies. I’m committed to listening to the needs and concerns of my fellow Arlingtonians, and to working to make Arlington a place where all residents can thrive.

Tony For

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